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Sunday, May 15th, 2005
11:53 pm - Hmm...
boryha Hellos and waves from a new member to anyone who still reads this (noticed there are no new posts this year, hmm).

We're not doing too well this year, are we? Ah well, there's still the rest of the season to go... they'll pick up.

Ignore this week's loss to the Swans. This gives a week to prepare for the upcoming Saturday's home game victory. (Being optimistic here, optimism can be fun).

current mood: hopeful

port power

Wednesday, August 18th, 2004
12:44 am - hey there
danern well hi there i'm newto this so i thought i would introduce myself
my name is stephen I support power all the way
but i notice something, this list hasn't been added too in 11
months whats up, are you guys still there, if you are i will
be at the showdown "hopefully" i will be next to the gap where
you can drive onto the oval with my friend who has the Really Big Flag well come say g-day and all the rest and well hopefully i will hear from you guys real soon

well i have to go hear from you soon???

current mood: powerful *grin*

port power

Wednesday, September 24th, 2003
3:25 pm

Does any1 else think it is ridiculous that Port were fined $10 000 for entering the MCG 2 minutes late... I would understand if it was more then 10... or about 5 minutes BUT TWO DAMN BORING MINUTES! Big wh00p!

port power

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003
5:12 pm

did i just hear things correctly?
the news is surely kidding.. or did nick stevens really quit?

i am shocked to say the least. he can kiss my ass.
and as far as i'm concerned, he was never a player for port.
i didn't like him anyway.

current mood: cranky

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Friday, August 8th, 2003
7:26 pm - rant and rave

Morgan gets in, Brett nor Paul nor Hall gets in. How does one react to this? Disappointed. In my view Morgan hasnt shown enough to warrent a selection. This is hard on those boys that put out everything to be NEARLLY there each time. How do you think these boys are going to feel each week when they are inches away of being selected.

WHY CANT THEY JUST GIVE THEM AGO. You hear the coaches praise them, you hear the supports praise them....and each week we are let down by them not being selected.


port power

Friday, June 27th, 2003
10:43 am - what i reckon is gonna happen this week! :)

Prediction: Port.. quite comfortably..

Crowd: 32,912

Weather: cloudy, and/or showers.

Danger Men:
Power: Tredders, Paxman, Brogan
Swans: Goodes (he's gonna run around like a nutter we need someone to stop him dammit!) and I would say Hall except for the fact that Paxman can keep him under control! *crosses fingers*

Who's going: Of course.. good 'ol section O :)

port power

8:08 am - this week

Prediction: The Power by 29 points.

Crowd: 29,358

Weather:cloudy, and/or showers.

Danger Men:
Power: W Tredrea, J Schoey
Swans: B Hall, N Davis, Goodes

Who's going: I'll be there in spirit!!! working sucks hey?.

port power

Sunday, June 22nd, 2003
8:46 pm - ?

trent for guerra? hell no manchild is sticking with us, kinda wish there was more room for the guys. I think this year we are gonna lose a few, bad thing about port we have too many talented players either waiting or wasting...

how are the rookies going?

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4:29 pm - would it work?

once i get my football journal set up then this sort of crap wont be floating around in here. hey, you dont even have to read it if you dont want to! *shrugs*

[QUOTE]Originally posted by |D_J^B_J|
If we did trade Croad, I'd rather trade him for a mid range first round pick enabling us to draft Moody or for a quality midfielder with up to 50 games under his belt.[/QUOTE]

You seem like a reasonable enough bloke, and what I'm about to say might be - quite possibly - the stupidest thing ever posted on Big Footy, but I'm willing to stand by what I say.

Guerra + pick #16 for Croad.

Now, before all you knowledgeable Power supporters (Porthos, Macca19 etc) start getting up on your high horses about me being an absolute fool (because lets face it, its not as if I dont already know that), let me back it up with my argument. And yes, I know the chances of Croad coming to the Power are ten zillion to one.

* Guerra
He's played 41 of a possible 49 games over the past two seasons, and has played only eight of twelve matches this year with minimal impact. He does a few classy things when on the ground, but most of the time he's warming the pine. Being only 21, he's highly rated at the Power but cant seem to crack the big 22 for a regular position. He's played over 50 games as the classic 'utility' so far, but as far as how many games he's actually played goes - I dont know. He's physically tough, particularly in his tackling and he has a booming left foot kick which is one of the longest in the Power squad, hence the nickname 'Rocket'. In one particular SANFL match for Centrals, he bagged six goals and was BOG. He was selected for the Power the following week (against Essendon if my memory serves me correctly) and hardly got any game time, coming off the bench and handing off to Cockatoo-Collins who slotted a goal. He has the potential to be a match winner, but I fear his time at Port is nearly up.

* Croad
Suffice to say, I dont know too much about him. But I'll point out what I know, or what I think I know.
He played his best football while in defence for Hawthorn, and struggled when he was pushed forward. Then he was traded to Fremantle and has been used as a permanent forward, and has struggled. A hell of a lot. With the impending retirement of Paxman looming at the end of the season and with White and Gilham still a fair way away from AFL level, I'm thinking Croad could be a handy replacement. Most of you are probably scoffing at that remark, and thats fair enough. I'm willing to be the only person in the Southern Hemisphere who thinks he is worth it.

Ok. With that dribble out of the way, I grant permission for everyone to poke fun at this person who probably has no idea what she's talking about.

current mood: contemplative

port power

Thursday, June 5th, 2003
10:51 am - Port vs Freo

Prediction: Port Adelaide by 13 points

Crowd: 22,634

Weather: Sunny but a tad cloudy hopefully!

Danger Men:

  • Port Adelaide: Wanganeen (he has to keep going!), Tredrea, James and Hardwick.

  • Fremantle: Pavlich, Bell, M. Carr.

    Who's going?: Yup... i'll be in my seats....with the people around me that like chocy, always bring chocy to the games *sigh* Seaction M.. i think. I always get it confused with seaction N! i have no idea where im sitting these days.

    I'll be there with my camera, so SMILE!
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    Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
    8:17 am

    hello port people?!?!?! come out come out where ever you are....

    1 comment |  port power

    Sunday, April 13th, 2003
    2:39 pm - FIRST WIN!

    I cant believe how exciting that game was, Shaun was fab until he got to big headed and not taking the goals when he could have. Kane, fuck that boy kept crawford so quiet, glad his "pretty boy" face got a good washing.

    Chad stood up a bit, kinda lead the forwards, but damn i miss tredders up there. Nice suit he was wearing, very nice .. *grin*

    Everyone like the flood? me father kept flicking the water on me, trying to flick it back i flooded the guy in front of me, who wasnt impressed!! but heck fantastic game, kinda wish the next one was here, damn away games!!

    port power

    Friday, April 4th, 2003
    10:54 am - bris game


    Backs: Montgomery, Paxman, Hardwick

    Half Backs: Poulton, Bishop, Wanganeen

    Centreline: K. Cornes, Stevens, Cassisi

    Half Forwards: Dew, Tredrea, C. Cornes

    Forwards: Pickett, Brogan, Cockatoo-Collins

    Followers: Primus, S. Burgoyne, Francou

    Interchange: Thurstans, Salopek, Guerra, Cochrane

    Emergencies: James, Lade, Schofield

    IN: Brogan, Cockatoo-Collins, Poulton

    OUT: P. Burgoyne (suspended), Lade (omitted), Wakelin (back)


    Backs: Johnson, Michael, Ashcroft

    Half Backs: C. Scott, Leppitsch, Lappin

    Centreline: B. Scott, Voss, Akermanis

    Half Forwards: White, Brown, Shattock

    Forwards: Hart, Lynch, Bradshaw

    Followers: Charman, Black, Power

    Interchange: McLaren, Notting, Pike, Caracella

    Emergencies: Brennan, Morrison, McGrath

    One thing i'm glad peter isnt playing as well as lade... I think Peter is acting a bit jealous since his brother has been playing. Dont you think that since Shaun has been playing Peter is acting more of a "show off"?

    Lade is the worst complainer all he does is complain to the umpire about not getting a free when the ball is 2 feet away and the other guys have to mop it up.

    Mostly interested in seeing Steven Salopek against the lions, think he will be scared? haha... And Shaun as ruck rover? interesting, i guess he has the speed lets hop choco's new plan isnt one like in the pre-season.

    I'll be at the game, with a hot dog *yum* i wont be taking photos but i'll be there, must remember to rug up and get nice and warm so i dont get sick again!

    port power

    Saturday, March 29th, 2003
    3:49 pm

    is it just me or is this camera work really dodgy? are we gonna have close ups the whole game or can we see what's going on around the ground as well? and we kicked a goal! =D

    current mood: curious

    port power

    Tuesday, March 25th, 2003
    2:13 pm

    Training 3pm Wednesday 26th @ Alberton.

    Who's going? I shall be.

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    Saturday, March 1st, 2003
    4:43 pm

    Radio- Dew carrying to much weight they say? i think Dew is just built solid, thats MY opinion, he is still fit? he is still kicking 60m kicks? hell yeah.

    Get off Warren's back about his kicking, he trains, he will improve a lot more, always does 49 goals from him.

    Lade not hard at the ball? i wouldnt be if my legs might break again..

    I HATE CHRIS aka BONE from the crows, always putting someone down. Get a port player on the radio and start putting down other players!

    port power

    Thursday, February 27th, 2003
    5:12 pm

    Port Adelaide has summoned five experienced players – Damien Hardwick, Che Cockatoo-Collins, Brent Guerra, Stephen Paxman and Josh Carr – to a squad of 28 for the Wizard Regional Challenge Series match against the Western Bulldogs at Nuriootpa’s Centennial Park on Saturday.

    Hardwick (knee), Cockatoo-Collins (knee) and Guerra (groin) have been on modified training programs through the pre-season preparation, and Paxman (thigh) and Carr (lower-leg strain) have recovered from minor problems.

    The Power has also included four others who did not play against Adelaide in the Wizard Home Loans Cup first-round match at AAMI Stadium last Saturday night – although not all of them might be retained in the final squad of 24.

    They are midfielder/forward Paul Koulouriotis, 21, onballer Chris Hall, 21 next Monday, utility Brett Ebert, 19, and defender Stephen Gilham, 18. [*goes INSANE* MY BOY'S ARE PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

    Koulouriotis, from Calder Cannons, was Port’s first pick (No.12 overall) at the 1999 National AFL Draft. He played three AFL matches off the interchange bench late in 2000 but was troubled by knee and hamstring injuries in the past two seasons.

    South Adelaide’s Hall was promoted from last year’s rookie list, Port Adelaide Magpies’ Ebert, younger son of legendary four-time Magarey medallist Russell Ebert, was taken under the father-son rule as Port’s third pick (No. 42 overall) at last year’s national draft and Gilham, from Oakleigh Chargers and captain of the Victorian Metro team at the national under-18 championships last season, was the Power’s second pick (No.16 overall) at that draft. [so ner ner ner ner ner, dickhead! :p]

    Out of last week’s 24 are Warren Tredrea (dislocated knee), Darryl Wakelin (ankle), Adam Kingsley (tight hamstring), Adam Morgan (strained hamstring) and Chad Cornes, who is resting after being one of the pre-season fitness stars.

    Matthew Primus (ankle), Brett Montgomery (back) and Michael Wilson (hamstring) are sidelined again, but not for much longer.

    The Port squad: Gavin Wanganeen, Brendon Lade, Jarrad Schofield, Peter Burgoyne, Shaun Burgoyne, Josh Carr, Josh Francou, Damien Hardwick, Che Cockatoo-Collins, Chris Hall, Stephen Paxman, Byron Pickett, Stuart Dew, Kane Cornes, Matthew Bishop, Dean Bogan, Paul Koulouriotis, Domenic Cassisi, Stuart Cochrane, Jared Poulton, Toby Thurstans, Cain Ackland, Steven Salopek, Stephen Gilham, Brett Ebert, Brent Guerra, Nick Stevens, Roger James.

    current mood: ecstatic

    2 comments |  port power

    Wednesday, February 26th, 2003
    8:19 pm - i've had enough.

    i'm so sick of all the hoo haa surrounding steven salopek. its like the other three dont even exist, and thats uncalled for. for one, brett is the son of russell ebert, so he's probably WAY better than steve, i dont see steve with a father who has a bag of magery's to his name, plenty of premierships under his belt, do you? if that doesnt count towards brett being a superstar, then i dont know what will. and for another, splinter (stephen gilham) was captain of the u-18 vic metro side, steve played UNDER him, so obviously splinter is a better player than steve, otherwise steve would have made captain. and we'll see about wade.. but from what i've seen, wade's shaping up to be a gun. and i wouldnt be surprised if he's better than steve either.

    current mood: pissed off

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    Tuesday, February 25th, 2003
    8:21 pm

    Saturday night game, we would have won if the nine pointer wasnt in the rules. Now this has me thinking, this rule isnt fair. Not because we lost but because, sometimes the footballer is just LUCKY to get a goal out side 50. Some teams might not have a guy that can do that, so is it fair that just because one guy gets the ball and is able to run with it and boot it from out side 50, and others cant. Its a disadvantage to some teams. Some have about 7 guys that COULD do it, others 1 or 2. Heck a team might not even have a guy that can.

    Port players that can? Dew, James, Stevens, Guerra...

    Soon are they gonna give a 10pointer for a checkside punt? its getting away from what the game is, its about the goals yes but not the distance.

    You views? GOOD 9points? BAD 9points?

    I dont agree with it. I'll still yell and scream when Dew booms one in without the extra points.

    port power

    Sunday, February 23rd, 2003
    4:45 pm

    get back soon

    dispite what people say about his goal kicking, we need him. A great footy minded guy. He'll do anything for the game.

    Yes his kicking lets down the team, yet i'm sure HE KNOWS THAT. he doesn't straighten his leg well enough anymore. Maybe he'll come back stronger now. DOnt give up on poor tredders

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